Do You Know You Could Get Married in Disneyland?

Would you want Mickey Mouse as your best man and Minnie Mouse as your maid of honor? Then head off to Disneyland and have the fairy tale wedding that you have dreamed of! You can even choose where you want to have the wedding ceremony and the reception afterwards. And of course since you are already in the happiest place on earth, why not make your honeymoon Disney style as well?

And weddings are not the only special occasion that you can celebrate in the park. There is no Disneyland secrets that you can’t also spend your birthday or your child’s birthday in the park. You have the choice as to what character you want to invite to your party, themed rooms where you can have a private party and of course Disney celebration cakes.

Graduation nights are extra special with Disneyland Grad Nite. This is the ultimate party with your friends together with all the seniors in the country. Your rite of passage from high school to college will be fun, exciting and filled with amazing things to do in Disneyland. Seniors should never miss this event for the world.

And with all the green areas in Disneyland parks you can bet these are the best places to have a picnic! But of course this is no ordinary picnic since you are in the happiest place in earth. Your food will be specially catered; there will be live entertainment and service that is beyond compare. You can invite the whole clan and get together for the weekend in a fun picnic at Disneyland parks.

So got a special occasion or event in mind? The best way to make any event extra special is to add a dash of Disney magic. Enjoy!